Academic Policy

1Grading Policy

. The final evaluation should constitute thirty per cent (30%) of the final grade for each credit course.

. Mid-term test, unit test, written assignments, quizzes, major essay, formal presentations, etc., should constitute the rest seventy per cent (70%).

2Tests and Quizzes Policy

. A student must write a quiz or test based on his or her own knowledge and capability. Cheating in any form is forbidden.

. Mobile phones and other electronic devices should be turned off always during the exam.

. You are obligated to obey the exam supervisor’s ruling. The supervisor is empowered to stop your exam if you are suspected of bad behavior and to exclude you from the classroom.


Plagiarism is defined as using someone else’s work (words, images, ideas, or computations) and passing it off as one’s own. Any forms of plagiarism are forbidden, including rewriting from books or articles, copying & pasting from web pages and online sources to create a patchwork writing, etc.

The penalty for offence is normally a grade of “0” on the work submitted.