Chess Club

This club is open to all students who are serious about refining and improving their skills in the game of Chess, and for students who wish to learn how to play. This club will focus on teaching the rules of the game as well as offensive and defensive strategies. Willowdale High School will hold school wide and interschool competitions to provide students the opportunity to learn and network with other students.

Debate Club

The Debate Club at Willowdale High School is made to allow students a greater opportunity to improve and sharpen their speaking, cooperative, and analytical skills. This club will visit the Courthouses of Ontario to sit in on cases and meet with Canadian Judges. Debate club is a fun way to discuss topics, make new friends and to gain valuable experiences.

Book Club

This club will encourage students to find the love of reading. It is meant to improve the students reading, speaking, and grammar skills.

Future Business Leaders Club

The purpose of this club is to develop competent business leadership skills and to strengthen the confidence of students. Willowdale High School will help students understand the importance of business enterprise in the Canadian business market. Students will be inspired and motivated to develop projects, which contribute to the improvement of business and community, develop character, and to encourage and practice efficient money management.